The 3rd Annual Congress of the Iranian Psychotherapy Association


February 26-28, 2020

National Library and Archives of Iran

Tehran, Iran

Welcome to Tehran!

On behalf of the Iranian Psychotherapy Association (IPA), we are delighted to invite you all to attend the 2020 Iranian Psychotherapy Association’s 3rd Annual Congress. This year’s theme is Transitional Age Youth: A New Look into Youth Psychotherapy” and we hope everyone will embrace all we have to offer. The chosen topic would seem to be of utmost interest to all professionals working within the field of psychotherapy in such a vibrant society as Iran with a relatively young population. Throughout the congress’ presentations and events, we aim to explore various aspects of “emerging adulthood” as young people’s transition through adolescence into adulthood. This transitional phase is accompanied by various biological, social and psychological changes resulting in preparedness for accepting new roles in the society. Among all psychological changes, struggles with individuation and autonomy are of special importance. As such, context and nature of this autonomy and relationship development merit close attention, both in normal and psychopathological conditions, for us as psychotherapists. We hope to provide opportunities for experts and researchers to offer their insights about cutting-edge conceptual and empirical issues in relevant fields.

The Iranian Psychotherapy Association (IPA) is a multidisciplinary non-governmental professional organization representing psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and, health psychologists. Our mission is to promote the advancement of psychotherapy practice and knowledge among above-mentioned professions through establishing a national network as well as scientific collaborations and communications with all relevant international experts and organizations. As such, we herein seek contributions of all researchers and experts with various theoretical perspectives and therapeutic approaches including neuroscience, classical psychoanalysis, dynamic psychotherapies, family systems, interpersonal, cognitive and attachment theories as well as approaches that integrate theories within a developmental framework. We will do our best to keep a balanced program reflecting all relevant viewpoints as pertains to Transitional Age Youth.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Tehran.

Saman Tavakoli, M.D.


Iranian Psychotherapy Association

Javad Alaghband rad, M.D.


The 3rd Annual Congress

Iranian Psychotherapy Association

Main Themes

  • Definitions and Underlying Theories
  • Biological and Neurodevelopmental Aspects
  • Psychological Aspects
  • Socio-cultural Aspects
  • Mental Health and Psychopathology
  • Family and Family Psychopathology
  • Preventive Approaches
  • Psychotherapeutic Approaches
  • Community-based Interventions
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Specific Social Problems (Suicide, Addiction and Aggression)


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